Be Gentle With Yourself Because You Are Already Healed


As a platform founded on the principle of educating yourself to create change in the world, it is essential to speak on a topic that has grown in popularity over the past years. The self-help and improvement world can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it serves as a useful tool in overcoming limiting beliefs and reaching your highest potential. On the other, it can manifest into a crutch that leads to more harm than good. Wherever you find yourself in the mix, remember you are a work in progress, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t already whole.

As individuals, we each come with a unique backstory and set of experiences that have helped shape us into who we are. Some of these experiences have served as the fuel to our fires while others have left negative imprints on our psyche. The power in healing comes with the potential of connecting with the inner part of yourself that already knows the truth and is forever innocent.  



The fact of the matter is, this inherent part of yourself is always there. Trauma or no trauma, you are perfect, holy, and divine. The dark parts of yourself are there for a reason. They shine a light on the glowing parts of your being. With that being said, there is no rush to healing your pains or traumas.

\I see this happen a lot in the conscious community space. Truthfully, I have even fallen into this in the past. The fruits of rewiring our beliefs, our thought patterns, and conditioning are advantageous, to say the least. However, when we are on a constant treadmill of “fixing” ourselves, we miss the opportunity to enjoy the work that even got us this far.  



By no means is this a message to stop doing the work because you are doing great. Just by reading this, you expose yourself to the harmony that always is and always will be. Take this as an invitation to look at your current practices and see where you can do less. Remember, rest is just as healing as doing 100 sun salutations or sitting in a ceremony.  

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Whilst Your here

Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.

– Buddha

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and you will surround yourself with the same.

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