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Now Accepting Original, informative guest posts

Updated January 2022.

This page is updated regularly so please review before reaching out to us

Now Accepting Guest Posts

Please follow the below Process to be considered to write for us

1. Please email use the contact form at the bottom to pitch 2-4 guest post ideas to our editorial team.

2. Topics should be on any of our top-level categories – inspiring, nature, health, science, tech and spiritualty.

3. All content should be informative, current and positive.

4. Successful articles include the follow: listicle, how-to guides, explainer posts, expert round-ups, thought leadership, or a solution to a problem.

5. Be the expert in your post!

6. All guest posts must be pitch-free. You should not write to sell a product or service, nor to recommend them.

7. Please disclose any relations with a company or someone you have mentioned in your post. Your post needs to be honest and transparent.

7. Minimum 800 words of 100% original, plagiarism-free content. We always check content using CopyScape and if it doesn’t pass then we won’t publish.

8. Regular checks are made against older content and if plagarism is found further down the line, then we will remove the content from our news blog

9. SEO Best practices – write engaging content with headlines that encourage clicks. The URL should contain your keywords, as should your content and headlines. Please ensure you pass your keywords through to us with your original content

10. We may edit the content for the purposes of SEO, but your message and any backlink will remain.

11. please supply a feature image for your post, along with another 2-3 images to break up written blocks for ease of reading.

12. External links should be used but if they appear self-serving, then we will remove the link.

13. No self-promotional calls to action please.

Please complete the below form. We aim to reply within a few days...