10 Signs Of Spiritual Growth

10 signs of spiritual growth and maturity


Whether we choose to or not, we all mature physically. Spiritual development, on the other hand, is not assured. While the phrase ‘spiritual maturity or ‘spiritual growth’ is most commonly associated with Christianity, the ideas of spiritual growth may be found in all religious and wisdom traditions. There are many signs of spiritual growth, but the below is a good definition;

The progressive development of healthy and life-giving relationships with oneself, others, and the environment.

Most of us want to learn how to relate to ourselves and others in healthy ways so that we may all feel connected, at peace, and happy for a long time. Spiritual development is a process that takes time. In order to reap the rewards, it takes intention, time, and work.

Do you have any doubts about what it takes to be spiritually mature? Here are are;

10 signs of spiritual growth and maturity.

  1. Your life is directed by a set of key ideas and concepts.

Too frequently, we go through life without questioning our underlying ideas, attitudes, and assumptions. Spiritually immature people go through life unaware of the spiritual influences that are impacting them. The spiritually mature choose to establish life patterns that are congruent with principles like love, compassion, empathy, unselfish giving, dignified living, and so on. They stay away from anything that encourages bad ideals. They attempt to carry out these principles in all aspects of life via self-awareness.


spiritually mature people apologise


  1. You are quick to forgive and slow to harbour grudges.

Resentment, according to Nelson Mandela, is like swallowing poison and wishing the other person dies. If you’re a spiritually mature person, you take this issue very seriously. (literally and metaphorically). They learn to safely shed resentment’s venom in order to forgive those who have wronged them. They heal more quickly and go on with their lives in order to break free from the bonds of unforgiveness that bind them and others.


  1. You are profoundly concerned about the impoverished, underprivileged, and oppressed.

All of the great spiritual traditions encourage people to care for others who are less fortunate. It is quite easy to shut out the voices of the weak as we go about our daily lives. If your looking for signs of spiritual growth, then it’s good to know that the spiritually developed individual is always conscious of the poor’s needs and is motivated to act on their behalf. They recognize that in order for a society to be healthy, it must care for its most vulnerable members.


  1. You keep your sense of wonder as a youngster.

As we mature into responsible adults, too many of us lose our ability to be fascinated by life. Everything the spiritually mature sees and experiences are full of wonder and beauty. Familiarity is not a spiritually grown person’s friend. They notice fresh things while others notice the same old routines. Every minute is regarded as a gift, which they are cautious not to waste by being negative or ungrateful.


spiritual woman appreciating the smaller things in life


  1. You are aware of the risks of excess, yet your spiritual maturity has an attitude of abundance.

These two things may appear to be at odds with one another, but deeper examination reveals that they are not. We perceive a good balance with the environment throughout spiritual traditions. The pitfalls of overindulging in worldly and spiritual pleasures have been cautioned by spiritual teachers throughout history. They take only what they require and do not stockpile. They also contribute gladly from a place of wealth. They give from their hearts rather than their surplus, knowing that there will always be enough.


  1. You postpone pleasure

Every day, we are bombarded with messages implying that quick satisfaction is an unalienable right, that it will lead to pleasure, and that it will help you forget about your difficulties.

Those who are spiritually mature realize that doing what you don’t want to do now in order to acquire what you want in the future is necessary. This is the essence of postponed pleasure. There is a link between delayed gratification and achievement in many aspects of life, according to research.

This idea has an additional dimension for spiritually evolved people. They may see that we don’t always receive what we want, either because the timing isn’t perfect or because what we want isn’t always beneficial for us in the long term. They understand that not all enjoyable experiences, even those that appear to be safe, must be pursued.


  1. You are overjoyed.

Being stressed out, reserved, and even sad is sometimes viewed as a status signal. You must be significant if you’re constantly on the go and tense, according to the secret message. If you don’t have any troubles, either you don’t have any obligations or you’re a slacker.”

There’s another layer to our cultural aversion to happiness. In her book Daring Greatly, Brené Brown describes it as “foreboding joy,” or “the contradictory dread that clamps down on transitory ecstasy.” It’s often referred to as “waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

We are hesitant to celebrate the joy in our life because we are worried it will be taken away from us or because we believe we are undeserving of it. According to Brené Brown, foreboding delight is our method of reducing our sensitivity to disappointment. When someone is in a situation of “perpetual disappointment,” how can they feel disappointed?

If you’re looking for signs of spiritual growth then it’s good to understand that thankfulness is required to fight foreboding delight (as evidenced in Brown’s study). Consistent joy comes from practising thankfulness, not from innocence or a lack of issues. People with spiritual maturity are never unhappy, yet they are constantly joyous.




  1. You take personal responsibility seriously.

You’re more likely to participate in self-reflection as a regular practice if you’re spiritually developed. This is a good sign of spiritual growth and can help you to evaluate your behaviour in light of your ideals and frequently concealed intentions. When things go wrong, you’ll be less prone to blame other people or situations.


  1. You are a trustworthy individual.

A spiritually grown individual understands the importance of their words. They seldom jump into new commitments without first determining if they are consistent with their beliefs and whether they have the time and energy to devote to anything new.


  1. You’ve accepted what you can’t alter.

Spiritually immature people obsess about things they can’t alter till they pass away. Spiritually mature people learn to let go of what they can’t change in order to focus on what they can.

Another fact about spiritual maturity is that we never arrive. We understand that living up to one’s greatest goals requires daily effort. We do understand, however, that the fun is in the voyage.

Hopefully, our ’10 signs of spiritual growth’ can help you distinguish where you are right now, and what you could do with working on.

Did we miss anything out? Maybe you think drugs can be used as tools for spirituality? Maybe you think spirituality cant be attained outside of religion? Thoughts and comments below!



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Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.

– Buddha

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and you will surround yourself with the same.

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